Gardening in Louisiana - Follow Up from Rip Van Winkle Gardens

More feasts for the eyes from the recent journey to Rip Van Winkle Gardens:

The lovely little courtyard is host to this fountain..... Love the planting.

The colors of these flowers were so vivid.... unfortunately I have no idea what they are called.

This is the Joseph Jefferson Mansion - built in 1870!  We took the tour but you are not allowed to photograph inside so I can't share that with you, but the tour was very interesting and one point that stood out to me was that for houses of its time it was different.  The reason being is that the kitchen is located in the house - normally, they were built separately in case of fire according to the tour guide.

This magnificent oak was a perfect place to take a rest.

I was intensely looking through my camera lens at a beautiful flower when I heard something make a noise in the wooded area behind me..... I thought it must be a frog or something.... then my heart started pounding because I hear something running towards me and all of a sudden out of the woods pop these beautiful peacocks!  I hate to admit but I screamed a little.....  It didn't seem to phase them though- they just stopped and gave me this look.

Can you see the bananas?  They were everywhere in the banana trees!

Such a peaceful dock under the oak tree draped with the Spanish Moss  Just lots of stairs and walkways to get to it!

There was a group of ladies who asked if I would take their picture which of course I was happy to do.  They were very specific about how they wanted me to set the shot which I obliged.  One of the ladies asked if she could return the favor and take a picture of me and my crew.  We had a good laugh because this is what she took -- just me and she cut off my crew!

There was even a perfect ending to a perfect day! 

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Gardening in Louisiana

There are many places of beauty in Louisiana and one of those happens to be Rip Van Winkle Gardens on Jefferson Island.  I recently took a trip down to south Louisiana for a visit.  It really is a delight for the eyes and I thought you might enjoy a view of the garden through my eye.

I'll try to post more later this week.

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What is your shelf style?

Symmetrical or Asymmetrical ?

I like both -- but always love having a little greenery in the mix!

Whatever your preference - shelves are an easy place to make a quick change and you can easily utilize some of your favorite things that you already own.  Mix it up for a seasonal change!

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Yes You Can : Backyard Roses

What could be more lovely than roses grown in your own backyard?  Maybe your Mom's, but whose saying? 

Roses in Serpentine Vase

If you like the sinuous shape of the 10 vessel Serpentine Vase --  It's in the shop, of course - Take a look!

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